Dinner Prepared with the Help of Marley Spoon Carry Lots of Festivity in Itself

Last year I was not able to visit my parents on Christmas as I had a fractured leg and quite a lot sour bones which kept me at bay from traveling. This truly made me sad, because this is the only time of the year when I used to meet my parents after a long year round. My mother’s handmade delicious pumpkin and cherry pie along with busting succulent turkey kept on bringing tears in my eyes. This was more than a tragedy for me but Marley Spoon coupon codes made things quite workable for me and I was and am glad that they were there to make Christmas a happening one for me. You can find best deal and Voucher code here.

Just two weeks before Christmas last year I met an accident which left me in denting and panting situation. I whole week I spent in the hospital and then when I was let go from the hospital I was asked to have complete bed rest with a big NO to travelling. I called my mum after getting discharged from the hospital and cried my heart out as I really missed her and dad though James was all supportive.

I remember how I spent each day with heavy heart leading towards Christmas with no shopping being done for my loved ones and even no chance for me to cook anything good. I never mentioned this to my hubby, James, but I knew he could figure things out from my face easily.

Three days before Christmas I heard bell rang and then within a minute I saw my mum and dad standing in the door way. I was so happy to see them that I started crying and could not hold my feelings. Both of them hugged me tight. Dad after few minute broke the hug and stood with James while mum again hugged me and stayed by my side…

Dad told me that how my hubby planned this trip for my parents and asked them to spend this Christmas with us. I was so happy to know that I have a very considering husband to take care of me.

After eating dinner that day when we were talking I told mum that I want her to prepare the same feast which she prepare at her place. She was glad to hear that but at the same time nervous as well because she was not happy with the packed meat and spices as to her food turn delicious with the right things added to the dish.

For this problem my hubby brought his iPad and asked my mum to not to worry about the right ingredient and order whatever she wants to prepare for Christmas dinner from Marley Spoon. I never heard of the store before and was shocked when my husband suggested this. After realizing my confusion he told me that his secretary at the office, who is an old lady of 55 told her about the store. I was little relaxed as mum will somehow get the right stuff as Mrs. Willow is a good cook.

The ordered ingredients arrived on our doorstep the very next day. When mum started taking out the stuff, I saw satisfaction on her face. She was happy to see that everything was fresh and looked quite good.  Mum marinated the turkey and started preparing the pie which was now again a very tempting delight for me. I was so desperately waiting for the Christmas day to come.


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